‘Mankind would perish if there were no evidence, anytime or anywhere of the divinity of man’ (Gandhi)

This week is ‘Holy Week’ – the week in which Jesus died and rose. He died because of sin. Oscar Romero once said, ‘sin brought death to the Son of God and continues to bring death to the children of God’.

Jesus suffered at many levels; he dared to love and was open to being hurt as a caring and sensitive person, his friends let him down, he was even betrayed by one of them (Judas), he had no-one to share his agony with, he was arrested and tried for something he had not done, he was falsely accused and lied about, he endured insults, blows, the whip, the crown of thorns and finally was condemned to death as a common criminal. Yet he was able to transform this suffering into the joy and celebration of Easter Day when he rose from the dead.


‘Don’t cry for me,’ says Jesus.
Cry for yourselves and your children – children who will
inherit fears, prejudices and hates.’
Let us not then weep for Jesus.
Rather let us follow the example of Peter, who wept for his own sins.
Then perhaps we will be able to forgive others who sin against us.