To be baptised is to be christened, which means to recognize that we have been made like Christ.

This week is a good time to think about turning moments in our lives.

We all reach cross-roads in our lives when we are faced with choices. When we have to make a decision that will influence the rest of our life; things will never be the same again. Baptism represented a turning point for Jesus. We too will be faced with a choice, of going down the path of an unfulfilled life or the path that Jesus calls us to follow.

Father, You revealed Christ as your Son through the voice that
spoke over the water of the river Jordan.
Let those who follow His path of service, to the sick, the homeless, prisoners,
the aged and the lonely, be Your sons and daughters too.
May we, through our commitment to Your Son, Jesus,
make Your kingdom come in this our school, our homes, families and country,
for he is Lord over the whole world, for ever and ever,