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Rotating Rooms

Calling all Y11 students – on Wednesday, 1st June from 9-11.30, Mrs Taylor-Hamblett, Mr Richard and Miss Woollam will be hosting a revision session in school consisting of three 45-minute sessions. Across the morning you will engage in three sessions designed to improve your knowledge, Continue reading …

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Synod Prayer 2021 – 2023

Last October the Pope launched the world’s largest ‘Listening Exercise’ when he launched Synod 2021 – 2023. Synod means ‘journeying together’ and it involves listening to the Holy Spirit and to each other in order to discern the path we are called to walk together. Continue reading …

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Year 12 PPE Examinations

Dear Parents/Carers I am writing to inform you that year 12 students will undertake further PPE examinations during the period of 6th June until 1st July.   Students will not be given study leave for these examinations and full attendance is expected.  This is to ensure Continue reading …

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Wakeup Wednesday: Discord

Discord is a free app which allows users to communicate in real time via text, video or voice chat. Available on desktop and mobile devices, it was originally designed to help gamers cooperate – but has evolved into a more general networking platform for a Continue reading …

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What’s One: B2022 Community Engagement

Please see the PowerPoint presentation below for information regarding upcoming community activities in Birmingham and surrounding areas related to the Birmingham 2022 Games.

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Wakeup Wednesday: Online safety for under 5s

According to Ofcom’s most recent research, a significant proportion of children are already online by the time they start school, with 17% of 5-year-olds owning their own mobile phone and 50% using messaging platforms. As becoming familiar with technology is generally encouraged in younger children Continue reading …

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Wakeup Wednesday: Loneliness Online

Does a child you know ever feel lonely when they’re online? In a study by the UK’s Office for National Statistics, 14% of 10–12-year-olds said that they DID often feel lonely – so any child experiencing those feelings is, sadly, far from unusual. To support Continue reading …

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Wakeup Wednesday: Group Chats

Occurring through messaging apps, on social media and in online games, group chats are among the most popular ways that young people engage with their peers online. Involving, by definition, three or more individuals, these groups allow users to send messages, images and videos to Continue reading …

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Wakeup Wednesday: Spotting Ads on Social Media

Can young people always recognise when what they’re seeing on their social media feed is an advert? The evidence suggests there’s a good chance they might not. What often complicates matters is that many ads are virtually indistinguishable from a regular social media post. They’re Continue reading …

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Today we celebrate Easter Sunday

Today is Easter Sunday, Easter is the most important day of the Christian liturgical calendar.  If Christ did not rise from the dead, then all would be in vain.  Easter is the day we commemorate that occasion.  Click the link below for more information: ‘He Continue reading …