Careers speed network event

On Tuesday 14th May 2019 ten Year 9 students took part in the Black Country Chamber of Commerce Careers Speed Networking event. This took place at Dunstall Race Course with over 150 employers and 300 students. The event boasts to be one of the Black County Business Festivals most popular experiences. On the day students began with an inspirational talk from keynote speaker Jay Blades who is a popular TV presenter on BBC’s “The Repair Workshop”. Afters Jays talk the speed networking sessions commenced. Pupils were given 7 minutes to conduct mini interviews with 12 different employers. During this time they had the chance to ask questions, speak directly to industry experts about routes into careers, general work activities, and opportunities for employment and apprenticeships across key sectors.

Ryan (Year 9) provided the following comment after the event “today was very interesting, there was a lot of information about careers and many opportunities to discuss apprenticeships and other options.”

Beth (Year 9) commented “today was very informative and helped a lot to think about future careers”.

Overall the event proved very useful in giving students the opportunity to develop their skills, learn more about employability and continue to build on their experience of Careers Education.