Aspire to HE Y10 ‘Virtual Insights Session’

Aspire to HE are offering the whole of Y10 a ‘Virtual Insights Session’ as they were unable to visit the University of Wolverhampton campus this term due to school and university closures. 

This virtual session will explore the social opportunities available at university, allowing pupils to see that there is more to university life than just studying. The session will be delivered by members of the Aspire to HE team through a virtual presentation.

When: Wednesday 15th July, 13:30pm

If you are interested, we will require parental permission for your child to join this session virtually via the following school email address: [email protected]
Alternatively, if your child can’t access the internet we would be willing to hold an additional session in school supervised by Mr Prior.

if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. 

Mr Prior