School ethos/chaplaincy

This school forms part of a long tradition of Catholic education in this country. It comes under the auspices of the Archdiocese of Birmingham who support the Catholic ethos of the school. St Thomas More offers a distinctively Christian education in the form of a holistic approach to a person’s development.

We aim to create ‘a climate of gospel values where students can realise their full potential’ academically, intellectually, morally and socially: therefore, in addition to striving for academic excellence, a person is encouraged to take part in the liturgical life of the school to foster personal growth and maturity.

Morning Worship and Assembly

Each school day begins with an Act of Worship either in the form of a whole year assembly or in smaller Form Tutor groups. Students and staff are encouraged to prepare prayers, assemblies and meditations which are interesting and meaningful. Staff are supported in their endeavours by the RE department and the Lay Chaplain, all of whom have access to a wide range of resources.

Community Mass

Mass takes place on a regular basis. Mass is celebrated by the school Chaplain, Father David Doran, Father Brendan Carrick, and the Headteacher who holds responsibility for the Catholic Life of School.

Holy Days of Obligation

All students attend Mass on these days as set out by the RC Church and the Diocese of Birmingham. Visiting clergy often assist in the celebrations of these important events.

Special Assemblies and End of Term Services

The Youth SVP Liturgy group, which comprises of both staff and students, provides meaningful and reflective services throughout the Church’s Liturgical Year. Emphasis is placed on the development of a spirituality which is inclusive of all members of our school community.

Chaplaincy downloads

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