Our aims

At St Thomas More Catholic School our mission is:

‘To guide and encourage students to be responsible, caring and confident in a climate of Gospel values where they can realise their full potential and celebrate each other’s success.’

This means working with all partners in the educational process to create a school community whose values are based on a faith relationship with Christ.

We aim to:

  • foster understanding and practice of the Catholic faith
  • create an environment where being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and being economically aware and nurtured
  • create a challenging environment in which to nurture intellectual, creative and moral growth
  • create a caring community in which to promote the development of a mature and responsible attitude to life
  • create an attitude of tolerance and respect for other races, religions and ways of life
  • create opportunities for students to enhance their enterprise skills through interaction with the business community
  • create opportunities for students to enhance their enterprise skills through contacts with the business community
  • deliver the National Curriculum and a broad range of additional courses and extra-curricula activities
  • encourage a sense of self-worth and self-discipline in all students
  • help all students understand the importance of developing their God given talents as a preparation for life beyond the school environment
  • nurture in students a sense of responsibility for their own learning and development so that they will work co-operatively with others and participate fully in the life of the school