Rosary Prayer Group

Year 7 students of St Thomas More Catholic School, Willenhall have been learning about the Rosary on Wednesdays during Form Time each term. They have learnt about the mysteries of the Rosary which teach us the life of Jesus which Mary witnessed. A selective group of Year 7 students Alex Smith, Anastasia James and Callum Ferguson with Year 9 student Dominic Lockett made a presentation on the Rosary at a Year 10 assembly for 10MRS.

Current legislation regarding the way in which schools and Local Authorities are required to monitor and measure the attendance of their students has changed.

Gospel choir

Last Wednesday, 29th April, saw this year’s Spring Concert.

It was a fantastic evening of entertainment, with students from every Year group taking part.

Race night winners

St Thomas More Catholic School went to the dogs to raise money for Dementia U.K. when their new Friends of St Thomas More society staged a race night and barbecue.

Set up only last December the Friends of St Thomas More has already raised enough money for the school to start creating their own Peace Garden in front of the top Willenhall school.

Summer school students build the Ark

St Thomas More Catholic School students felt like kings of the world when they built their own version of the Ark during their summer school,

The ten foot long wicker boat is now to be displayed in the Willenhall school's Peace Garden as a reminder of the team work and application that went into making the model.