Remembrance Service

At 11am on Friday 11th November 2016 students and staff at St Thomas More paused to commemorate the First World War. Our annual service of Remembrance focused on the centenary of the Battle of the Somme which began on 1st July 1916. This week in assemblies leading up to the service students found out about the physical impact that the artillery bombardment had on the Somme region. Students were fascinated to hear that the extent of the shellfire was so significant that it could be heard in London on that fateful day when 19,240 British soldiers were killed resulting in a total of 57, 470 casualties. The Battle of the Somme, which is notable for the loss of life endured by the British army, provides us with a reminder of the tragic nature of modern warfare. The Work of The British Legion underpins the nature of our remembrance activities in school. Students at St Thomas More have been proudly wearing their poppies and the display along the history corridor has enabled students to stop and find out more information about the British Legion and the First World War.