Students stand by steam engine 'Winston Churchill' at Black Country Museum

Year 8 students enjoy historical visit to Black Country Museum.

Class 8T5 enjoyed a trip to the Black Country Museum on the 18th October as part of their study of ‘Oliver Twist’ by Charles Dickens.

As part of their trip, the group learned how families lived in the Black Country over one hundred years ago. Their tour guide took them on a journey into the past, involving an exploration of original Victorian buildings and a 1912-inspired lesson taught by a traditional school ma’am. In addition, they gained an insight into how large Victorian families lived together without the aid of modern inventions.

Trip organiser Miss S Duncombe said, “Perhaps the students enjoyed the historic fairground most of all, but the 1912-style lesson certainly gave them an insight into how education has changed over the course of the last century. Back then, poor behaviour in the classroom was often ‘corrected’ by a long ruler or the cane (known as corporal punishment). The lesson helped a number of students to realise that they are lucky to have been born in the 21st Century.”