During Year 10 work experience a group of students produced beautiful artwork that has now been mounted in our library.

The designs were agreed in discussions with the English and art departments and one of our ex-students Emily Dace, who led the project. Emily has worked on all of our community art and was able to develop these ideas using images from literary works. Emily Dace is part way through a fine art degree in London and led this project during her holiday.

The centre piece of the art work is a tree with deep roots which emerge from the ground to form a magnificent literary tree. On the mature branches of this tree there are cameo pictures of literary figures which become more complex the higher you look up the tree. So in the lower branches you can see Harry Potter and Gollum, and as the tree branches become stronger and more complex, so too do the literary figures including Lennie and George from Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” and Miss Haversham from Dickens’ ”Great Expectations” and Scott Fitzgerald’s Gatsby, culminating in the cameo of Shakespeare and Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre at the very top. This represents the increasing complexity of texts that our students experience  as they progress through the school through their English lessons and their  reading for pleasure. 

The second piece of artwork produced by the work experience students is a  large sign post showing The Route to Success, directing students to different genres of reading such as realistic fiction, biography, folklore and many more.

The final piece of artwork dominates the  far wall of the school library. This portrays scenes from C.S. Lewis’ classic children’s book “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. In the scene the four Pevensie children, Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter,  can be seen playing in the forest with the lion who is called Aslan.

Congratulations to the English and art departments as their collaboration has produced some fantastic art work which will inspire our students for years to come. 

Special thanks to our artist in residence, Emily Dace who was able to visualise  staff ideas and put them on to ‘canvas’  through her leadership of  the work experience community art group. The Year 10 students who actually produced the artwork were: Kaleigh Millership  ,Daniel Smedley, Natasha Evans, Komal Mehan, Jade Webster, Jaskiran Dhaliwall, Beth Miron, EJ Concepcion, Sabrina Dyal, Rhiannon and Mia Whitehouse

Special thanks also to Mr Ian Atkins of Wickes (Wolverhampton) who kindly donated materials for the project.