This week staff and students marked both Anti - Bullying and Good Samaritan Week in school.

Across the week activities took place during Form which encouraged students and staff to consider how best to treat others. Themes included questions/topics such as:

  • what is bullying? what makes a bully? 
  • what kind of behaviour could be deemed to be bullying? 
  • how should we deal with a bully? 
  • what to do if someone you know is being bullied.
  • what to do if you feel uncomfortable about the way that you are being treated by others.

Students were then asked to suggest what made them unique. What would they like to celebrate about themselves? These suggestions were written on leaf and star shaped templates and placed on our friendship tree which has been placed in the hub for all to see and read from this week.

Complimenting Anti - Bullying week is our celebration of Good Samaritan Week. Again staff and students were asked to consider how they might act more like the Good Samaritan and in doing so create a community where we ‘do unto others as we would like them to do on to us’. Each day was given a specific theme. These were prominently displayed on our plasma scree across the week and included the following:

  • Mission Monday - what is our challenge this week as a school community?
  • Tolerance Tuesday - how might we act in an understanding and compassionate way towards others - especially those who frustrate us?
  • Welcome Wednesday- how might we offer an open and sincere welcome to others - new students/staff to our school, new friends to our group?
  • Togetherness Thursday - how do we share what we have with others? How do we demonstrate solidarity?
  • Forgiveness Friday - How might we forgive and forget? Do we always accept the apology that is offered? Do we bear grudges?

It has been a great week and has allowed our school community to stop and reflect on the many good things we do to celebrate each other. It has allowed us time to consider how we might make even more effort to be extra kind, considerate and patient with others and that maybe the fault is not always with someone else but in the way that we behave and re-act to things that happen around us. A challenging but enjoyable week.