Year 10 Mock Examination Information

As you are aware, Year 10 mock examinations commence on Monday 25th June for a two-week period. The first week will focus on the core subjects (English, Mathematics, Science and Religious Education). The second week (Monday 2nd July 2018) will focus on students and their option subjects. Further information will be distributed over the coming weeks in regards to option revision guidance.

There are a range of benefits as to why it is important that we undertake Mock Examinations early. Benefits include:

  • Motivating students to start revision early
  • Practising effective revision strategies
  • Improving knowledge
  • Practising under exam conditions
  • Identifying topics that need attention

Mock examinations can be incredibly beneficial for students. Helping them to see the importance of them is crucial to future success. They can help students to: start revising early, to practise effective revision strategies, to improve their knowledge, to familiarise themselves with pressure and act as a guide moving forward.

Parental support is an important factor in determining a child’s academic success and being involved in your child’s education, can mean the difference between students achieving their potential. As a school we are clear that some of this information is daunting for both students and parents alike. Parents do not need to be an expert in any of the subjects your child chooses, in order to make a real difference. You also don’t need to give up your life and other responsibilities, you just need to know how best to spend the time you do have.

Children will also differ in their levels of maturity, their ability to take responsibility for their learning, organisational skills and levels of motivation. This is where your support is invaluable. Both support and encouragement can make a remarkable difference to your child’s motivation and ability to cope with the academic and organisational demands of the exam period. The importance of this examination series is significant to future success and am I sure that you will support us as a school over the coming year.

Over the coming weeks, support materials will be given to students to help with the revision process. Form tutors will also deliver sessions during form time to help support revision and how to complete this.

The time to start revision is now. This will enable students to be as prepared and organised as possible. I have included a copy of a revision timetable for students to use over the Whitsun week, this should provide students with a framework to revise from over the holiday week, allowing students to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Mr K.Dawson, Acting Head of Key Stage 4

Revision and Examination Resources for Year 10