As we come to the end of a busy term, can I remind you that the school will finish early on Friday. Until that point, every lesson matters. I can assure you that there will not be video lessons, or any activity that is not constructive, in order to ensure a productive school day

I am delighted that the school council work with students in order to suggest good ideas about how we can improve the school. Thank you to Simran Cheema for presenting the recent letter from the School Council. Here is my response;

Dear School Council,

Many thanks for your letter. I am glad that you think we are continuing to improve the catering facilities. I am glad that you think the extra facilities have reduced queues and that Year 11 is enjoying their hot chocolate. I also understand that the sixth form are glad to have their paninis back too. I will ask Mr Wisher to try and label the deals more clearly, as some of you were concerned about not spending too much.

I am glad that you enjoyed the swimming club with Mr Brown; I will ask PE about the possibility of running a club in the warmer weather.

Students were concerned about access to health and mental health support. There is a service which is provided in Walsall whereby you can text a nurse and they will answer any health issues, it is confidential. I will send the details out to your form, the number is 07480 635363. We also offer stress counselling for students taking exams and counselling. Please speak to your form tutor for more information.

I will review which year groups can use which toilets and ensure that they are all open during lunchtime and break. They are locked at the end of these times, in order that students get to their lessons on time. Also, female students have asked for machines selling sanitary towels to be placed in the toilets, we are going to do that.

There is a school movement policy, I will re-issue that, in order that students move to different staircases and that no single area gets congested. Mr Brierley is inviting the fire service to review our procedure to increase safety too

Reviewing rewards is an excellent idea. I am keen that you are working for rewards which you consider are achievable and worthwhile. We could still use the vivo system but make a certain number of vivos equivalents to something else e.g. a ‘front of the queue pass’, cinema or bowling afternoon or visit or get vouchers for McDonalds or somewhere else that you like to visit. I think it is a really good idea to have your ideas as it is you that will hopefully be achieving the rewards, so you are the people to ask.

As ever, I am extremely grateful to all of you involved in the school council. Working together helps us to ensure that our school is the best it can be.

Yours sincerely

Dr S J Hatfield

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