Year 7 Pastoral Evening

We had a very good and successful Pastoral Evening with our Year 7 students and families on Thursday. I was delighted by the overwhelmingly positive comments and record attendance.


I am delighted that Year 11 have been able to participate fully in period 6. They are generally showing a very positive attitude and the extra work will help to ensure their good progress.

We are working with the bus company to get an additional service bus to stop on our school site approximatley 4.10pm each evening. Once the details and route are finalised I will share the information with you.


Generally our students are really enjoying our new menus. Using the meal deals is the best way of managing their budgets and ensuring that they do not spend too much. Our catering team are always keen to listen, so please do feedback any ideas for menus for them to consider.


Since the start of term every child has attended mass and we continue to offer form masses each week. It was wonderful to have so many parents involved in our Year 7 mass and I was delighted that enquiries have been made about attending class mass too. We will release the dates of all our class masses and invite parents to attend them. Parents will particularly welcomed when it is their child’s class, although we see no reason why families couldn’t attend other masses too.

Labour market guide

Welcome to our guide to the labour market in the West Midlands.

Tesco Extra: Behind the scenes visit

Community Champion Sid from Tesco Extra West Bromwich led a behind the scenes tour of his branch on Tuesday 6th February 2018.

Local economy and job markets information

As part of the Government’s strategy on Careers it is recommended that information about the local economy and the local jobs market is displayed and made available to parents and students.

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