We had a very successful Open Evening on Thursday, attracting a record number of families. If you or someone else who is considering applying for a place at the school but could not attend, we have got an Open Morning on 26 September 2016 (by appointment - please contact school reception).

I would like to thank all of the students and staff for working so hard in order to make the event such a success

Estimates on footfall through the door suggest we hosted in excess of 500 people and received extremely positive feedback with most people saying that they were keen to apply to our school and the evening had helped them to decide. Feedback from our visiting parents/carers when asked about the evening and as to whether anything might be done differently or improved upon is extremely positive and includes the following comments:

‘A brilliant evening.’

‘It was very good to be able to ask pupils questions and hear their opinions.’

‘It seems a lovely school.'

An awesome experience.’

‘It was very good and I enjoyed the evening.’

‘The Open Evening was fantastic.’

‘I am very happy with everything I saw.’

‘Well thoughtout event, very impressive.’

‘The event was a great success.’

‘A fantastic and informative event.

‘It is always lovely coming here.’

‘This is a good school.’

‘I was very impressed with the school,staff and pupils’

Labour market guide

Welcome to our guide to the labour market in the West Midlands.

Tesco Extra: Behind the scenes visit

Community Champion Sid from Tesco Extra West Bromwich led a behind the scenes tour of his branch on Tuesday 6th February 2018.

Local economy and job markets information

As part of the Government’s strategy on Careers it is recommended that information about the local economy and the local jobs market is displayed and made available to parents and students.

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