We are having our INSET day on Friday, so the school will only be open to students who have been invited to attend. If you are in Year 11 or the Sixth Form and have been invited to attend, you absolutely must attend. We are running intensive intervention for students who need to make up progress in key areas in order to achieve the best results.

I am often asked about the purpose of teacher training days and would like to tell you a bit more about why we have them. We are required to run a number of training days throughout the year. These enable our staff to be up to date with changes to the curriculum e.g. new GCSE courses, best practice (e.g. improving literacy skills) and child protection and safety updates. These days are very valuable in order to ensure that our staff are able to provide the best care for our students.

With only three weeks to go until the Easter holidays and another three weeks after that before the exams start, I would urge our students to use the INSET day for private study, particularly for those with forthcoming examinations.

Dr S J Hatfield

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Community Champion Sid from Tesco Extra West Bromwich led a behind the scenes tour of his branch on Tuesday 6th February 2018.

Local economy and job markets information

As part of the Government’s strategy on Careers it is recommended that information about the local economy and the local jobs market is displayed and made available to parents and students.

Presentation Evening 2017

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