Headteacher's notice - 16 October 2015

We only have first aid provision at school, we are not a medical provider. May I ask respectfully that if your child is injured outside of school time that you seek appropriate care. I have been informed about a number of injuries to students that should have resulted in them being taken to A&E, their doctors or to a drop-in centre. We will not provide care in these instances, we do not have the resources or expertise. If your child is injured it is important that they receive the correct medical assistance as soon as possible, we do not have x-ray machines or other sophisticated medical equipment nor do we have doctors within school. I appreciate that it can be difficult to get a doctor’s appointment and that there may be a queue at A&E, but these are the only appropriate channels to treat injuries that have occurred outside of school time. Injuries can potentially become far more serious if left untreated. Most minor medical issues e.g. eczema, sore throat, slight headache are unpleasant but will not be treated. Students will always be managed in an appropriate and professional manner and in most cases they will manage.

If first aid is required because of an emergency that has happened whilst in school, we will provide it and if necessary we will call upon other services and contact parents or carers.

Dr S J Hatfield, Headteacher

Remembrance Service 2017

At 11am on Friday 10th November 2017 students and staff at St Thomas More paused to commemorate the First World War.

Anti-Bullying and Good Samaritan Week 

This week staff and students marked both Anti - Bullying and Good Samaritan Week in school.

MacMillan Coffee Morning

Staff joined together during break on our recent training day to raise funds for the Macmillan Coffee Morning.

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