Dear Parents/Carers,

Year 11 are working with endeavour and diligence to ensure that they achieve their expected outcomes in this summer’s GCSE exams.

It is important that students have a quiet room or place to work in at home.

Studies and experience have suggested that a revision timetable is best – it provides a sense of order and organisation. It also allows for students and you as parents/carer to mark certain milestones e.g. a certain topic has now been revised thoroughly.

Twenty minute/Thirty minute blocks of concentrated study is the optimum – with a ten/fifteen minute break afterwards. Any more than this and materials cease to make sense and are not absorbed by the student.

It is also advisable that students have prepared their resources and equipment the night before ready for the next day e.g. pens, pencils, highlighters etc. It is necessary that students have made sure they know what is needed e.g. calculators etc.

As Parents/Carers I am sure you will share our experience that they need a little boost and a pick me up every now and again to encourage their continued enthusiasm and determination.

With that in mind, and influenced and guided by suggestions made by a working party made up solely of Year 11 students, we have introduced our ‘Chase the grade’ initiative, the details of which can be seen on this PDF download. For each subject that sees an improvement by one grade we will match with £1.00. For each subject that sees an improvement by two grades we will match with £2.00. We will bank the sum earned and students can cash their earnings in against a range of rewards from cinema vouchers to love to shop vouchers to tickets for a football match. This is very much a student focussed initiative, is designed by them and includes rewards and treats that will have some meaning for them.

As a school we know that we can only do so much and there is a great deal that depends upon the strength of our relationship with you in supporting and ensuring the best outcomes for our children.

We would therefore welcome your support and encouragement by inviting you to match the hoped for successes at home – enclosed below are suggestions Parents/Carers of previous exam groups have used to encourage, motivate, inspire and support their children in striving for their best.

We would welcome your feedback on the initiative and equally would be more than happy to share any top tips you have found successful with other Parents/Carers looking for suggestions.

Suggestions: not in any way exhaustive -

  • Extra time on their ipads, xbox, phone
  • A family meal where they get to choose the venue
  • A family outing where they get to choose the type of outing
  • A paid for treat with their friends e.g. Pizza Express
  • Small treats on each day of their exams e.g. their favourite sweets, chocolate, biscuits, dinner etc.
  • New bit and pieces – earrings, clothes, tee – shirts etc.
  • The much asked for and desired sleep over at your house
  • A movie night at your house with their friends
  • A pizza night at your family home for their friends
  • Expand the curfew in place – you decide by how long – this could be linked the number/quality of grades achieved
  • An increase in pocket money – this could be linked to our ‘chase the grade’ initiative
  • A week without any household chores or tasks

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