Language Provision at our School

Our school community is very diverse and we speak a great number of languages between us by being part of different communities. Next year we will teach GCSE and A level Panjabi, Polish and Italian to students who have some knowledge of the subject. I am also delighted that we are reintroducing A level French to students who have a grade B or above at GCSE.

For students who are new to the country, we are launching a full time TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) timetable from September along with continued boosters for those who are still learning English.

Learning another language helps you to understand how your own language works better, often improving the understanding of grammar.

Finally, there is research that says people who can speak more than one language have better job prospects.

Tesco Extra: Behind the scenes visit

Community Champion Sid from Tesco Extra West Bromwich led a behind the scenes tour of his branch on Tuesday 6th February 2018.

Local economy and job markets information

As part of the Government’s strategy on Careers it is recommended that information about the local economy and the local jobs market is displayed and made available to parents and students.

Presentation Evening 2017

Photographs from Presentation Evening 2017 with Steve Bull MBE.

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