Thought: “He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.” - Lao Tzu

“Share your bread with the hungry... Then your light shall break forth like the dawn”. (Isaiah)

Lord, You teach us truth, Lord, You guide us in the way of love. Lord, You lead us to the joys of heaven.

‘Nobody expected Him just like that: a baby, a manger in a stable, young parents from a village in the hills. Nobody expected that His first visitors would be shepherds, little thought of in the eyes of the great. Yes He has come; but not as we expected.'

Advent calls us to wake up, to arise from our sleep, shake off the dust of routine, habit, custom... and to prepare to let Christ come alive in our lives.

Thought: ‘In the evening of our lives we shall be examined on love’. (St. John of the Cross)’

‘Those we have loved and have died are never really lost; we carry them with us in our hearts.’

‘You cannot cure or be cured unless you love’ (Catherine de Huek Doherty)