Model castle

Year 7 students have been busy making motte and bailey castles in history this term. As part of their study of the Middle Ages, Year 7 have been looking at the Battle of Hastings and how William of Normandy secured power and control after 1066. Students were set the challenging task of creating a model motte and bailey castle as part of their assessment preparation and we are delighted by the hard work and effort that students have put into the homework task. One castle in particular caught the eye of the history department and that was made by Alisha Yates in 7G. Having history lessons in a food room this year has certainly inspired Alisha Yates to be creative with her model making. With the help of her mum, Alisha made a model of a motte and bailey castle completely out of cake. The buildings and detailing were made from fondant icing… even the moat and labels were edible! The detail used made it very realistic and an excellent way to see how these style of castles were built.

Unfortunately the bailey did not stand up to the attack that saw a delicious end to the lesson as the whole class quickly demolished it! A huge thank you to Alisha for such a tasty project, now… what can we model next week?