Small chicken being held in hand

In the lead up to the Easter holidays, and just in time for spring, students in science were able to experience the miracle of birth when we hatched some of our very own chickens. We are now the proud parents of eight chicks from two different breeds, two Light Sussex and six Welsummer!

Chickens have a gestation period of around three weeks (22 days) and they were brought into school on Monday morning of last week ready to begin their new celebrity lifestyle as guests of honour in the science department. Students were able to gain hands on experience of looking after poultry from the very start of their life after hatching, right up until they will be sent back to the farm to live out the rest of their days being free range hens. They learned how to ‘candle’, a way to check whether an egg is developing as it should, by shining a light on the bottom and seeing if an outline of the chick was visible and if there was any movement. They also explored the ethics of farming and raising livestock in a responsible way.

I have been extremely impressed with the level of maturity shown by students of all years when handling the chickens and it has clearly had a positive impact on the school experience of all students involved.

All those who visited the chickens were left feeling overwhelmed by their cuteness and we can confirm that the next generation will be joining us for Easter 2017.