Year 7 used role play to help them understand the problems faced by St Thomas More and King Henry VIII about faith, family and the future of England.

“It’s a bit gruesome, but Thomas is a good person to name the school after” Raeesha Ali

“Now I know why there was a red stripe in the old school tie, St Thomas was a Martyr because he sacrificed his life to stay close to God” Jack Pease

“Whatever the reason is- never disobey God. St Thomas More was an amazing man” Aliyah Gangar

“Marriage needs a lot of love and respect” Manjeevan Saran

“He must have been a special man to not just give in and say yes to King Henry. I don’t know if I could be that strong” Molly Donovan

You can learn more about the life of St Thomas More on our page: Who was Thomas More?