Yet again our Good Samaritan feature focuses on the selfless and altruistic actions of three of our students, two from Year 11 and one from Year 8.

We were most pleased to receive a phone call during last week from a former student who, whilst completing her shopping at our local ASDA store in Darlaston, was distracted by the needs of her two very young children. Those of us either with young children, or having had young children, will know only too vividly how draining such shopping expeditions can be! On this occasion two of our Year 11 students, who at this stage remain nameless, came to this lady’s aid, helping her to calm down her young children whilst assisting her in taking her shopping to her car. As an ex-student she was pleased to see that the long standing tradition of St Thomas More students “doing their bit for others” continues to this day. She is most appreciative of the help of her two nameless guardian angels. We are actively endeavouring to uncover the identity of our two secret “Good Samaritans”.

Our next exemplary role model is Cara Sweeney, Year 8. Whilst out shopping at the weekend before last Cara came upon a homeless gentleman and woman and, concerned for their well-being and worried about what they had had to eat, Cara purchased a meal from McDonalds for them both. Not only did she present them with the meal, she also gave them the change from the purchase made entirely from her own money. Knowing Cara as we do, this act will have been carried out without any recognition of the fact that anyone else might or should come to know of her totally selfless act.

At a time when our newspapers and evening news programmes are full of the debate as to what we can, might or ought to do for those less fortunate than ourselves, it is both heart warming and encouraging to see that in our school community we have a young lady who truly understands the Bible passage “whatever you do for the least of my brothers you do for me”.