Middle Ages Miniature Masterpieces

As part of their studies on The Middle Ages and William of Normandy’s victory at the Battle of Hastings, Year 7 students were asked to create at home a model of a motte and bailey castle. They had studied the different parts of these castles in class and were asked to make these features part of their own castles. They had to include the motte, bailey, keep, palisade, moat, bridge, drawbridge and killing ground. The response was fantastic as students by the dozen carried their magnificent – and often enormous - creations into school. The amount of effort which many students put into their work was outstanding and many were perfect replicas of the genuine article.

The best five and overall winner will be announced in assembly on Monday but Mr Nicklin would like to thank all of the students who put such massive effort into their work, though he is looking forward to getting his classroom back when the castles are taken home.