Last weekend the Year 11 geographers went to Aberdovey in Wales as part of their Controlled Assessment. They collected data from Tywyn Beach to assess the effectiveness of coastal defences there.

We then spent the weekend at the Outward Bound Centre not far from Aberdovey. Here students took part in many activities including sea kayaking, canoeing up the Dyfi estuary, high rope challenges and exploring caves. Throughout the weekend the students were pushed to do challenges they had never done before and were exceptional in all activities.

The instructors were so impressed with some students that they were offered an £800 scholarship to complete the Life Skills Award that runs during the summer months. This is an international and widely acclaimed award that is championed by schools such as Eaton and Harrow (Prince Harry has completed the same award) and is popular with international students and royalty.

Well done Year 11 geographers and thank you for a memorable trip!

An excellent start to our academic year and I would like to thank Ms Kennie, Mr Virgo and Mr. Smith for giving up their time to assist in our “Bear Grylls” weekend.