You will remember that at certain points last year we included a Good Samaritan article in More News which focused on the exemplary and altruistic behaviour of individual members of our student body or indeed particular groups. It gives us great pleasure to introduce Russell Norton as our first Good Samaritan for this academic year. 

A truly giving young man Russell has just commenced Year Nine and for some time has fostered the notion and desire to raise funds for FO8 otherwise known as our St Bernadette Centre. The St Bernadette Centre supports our students who for a wide variety of reasons may need additional help or support. Operating on an open door policy to those students who frequent the room before school and during break and lunchtime students are provided with a warm welcome, a friendly face and a listening ear. 

Russell decided that during his summer holiday he would complete the 5K Colour Run to raise funds and set himself the challenge of raising £200 which would be used to enhance the opportunities and activities offered to all students who utilise this room when needed. Setting up a Justgive page to aid the gathering of donations Russell employed the support of his immediate and extended family, his wide circle of friends and the membership of his Nan's local Methodist church community. 

It is with tremendous pleasure and a true sense of admiration that we are pleased to say that Russell succeeded in raising in excess of his initial goal and has donated £200 to the St Bernadette Centre here at school and £300 to the National Autism Society, a cause very dear to both Russell and his immediate family. In total this amazing and very humble young man raised a total of £500 without stopping to count the personal sacrifice this would mean for him.

To say that we are both proud of and touched by the totally selfless behaviour of Russell goes without saying.