Rosary Prayer Group

Year 7 students of St Thomas More Catholic School, Willenhall have been learning about the Rosary on Wednesdays during Form Time each term. They have learnt about the mysteries of the Rosary which teach us the life of Jesus which Mary witnessed. A selective group of Year 7 students Alex Smith, Anastasia James and Callum Ferguson with Year 9 student Dominic Lockett made a presentation on the Rosary at a Year 10 assembly for 10MRS.

They linked the rosary with vocation, where the rosary can help a person find their true vocation with spiritual meditation and prayer. The above mentioned students are now part of a Rosary Presentation Group, which will be leading prayers in different Year 7 forms after half term. 

The Rosary Prayer Group has helped students to learn more about the life of Jesus from His birth to His Ministry and from the Crucifixion to His Ascension to heaven. The current students of the Rosary Prayer Group support each other to learn and to pray. While they learn about the Rosary, they also get a chance to offer their silent prayers and also pray for their families. 

Earlier this year the students of the Rosary Prayer Group were delighted by the wonderful Rosary prayer leaflets from the Mission Team at Alton Castle which have helped students to learn about each mystery in detail. The students were also gifted a blessed Rosary from Fatima and other Rosaries from the Bridgettine Sisters at Maryvale Institute Birmingham and Fr David Mellor and Janet Mellor of St Bernadette, Brownhills. The students would like to say thank you for the wonderful gifts to all these very special people.