The school group that visited Lourdes in the summer would like to thank everyone who supported us; those who organised fund raising events, those who supported them by turning up or donating to our jumble sale or other fund raising events. Some people sent a cash donation to the group while others remembered the group in their prayers. To all of these a big thank you since you made possible a life changing experience for many of us in the group.

Through your generosity we were able to travel to Lourdes and become members of different teams caring for and helping elderly, sick and disabled people enjoy a visit to the shrine at Lourdes. We became part of the Salford Diocesan Pilgrimage between July 27th and August 4th were made very welcome by them, given appropriate training to ensure that we developed the skills needed to ensure the well being of all the pilgrims.

The experience for the group as a whole was something we will never forget, the challenge of working to timetables and routines, even through the night, of providing care for pilgrims who were sick and needed both practical and spiritual support. It was sometimes like being thrown in the deep end because training can never fully prepare you for the reality of being the one who is responsible for the welfare of another person, yet all of us felt empowered by this challenge.

We had fun too, we met young people from other cities and countries, we had some free time when we could visit places around Lourdes and the nearby lake, Lac du Lourdes, was great when the sun shone.

In all, it was a wonderful experience for us so again, thank you for making that possible.

Youth SVP

The Youth SVP recently delivered a series of assemblies in school, to years 7-11, as preparation for Family Fast Day on October 6th. They spoke to students about the work of CAFOD in developing countries with a focus on El Salvador. CAFOD needs to consistently remind us all that we are part of ONE WORLD and have responsibilities towards our neighbours who are not as fortunate as we are. Some of the group also visited the parish of St Joseph’s and Holy Trinity to appeal for support from parishioners for the work of CAFOD through the Family Fast Day envelopes.