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Homework is a very important part of a child's education, and can add much to a child's development. We recognise that the educational experience that any school by itself can provide is limited by the time and resources available; children can therefore benefit greatly from the complementary learning that they do at home. Indeed, we see homework as an important example of cooperation between teachers and parents/carers.

One of the aims of our teaching is for children to develop as independent learners, and we believe that learning at home is one of the main ways in which children can acquire the skill of independent learning.

What is my role in homework?

As parents/carers you can play an important role in encouraging your son/daughter. Work with them to ensure that he/she is able to organise their work load so that he/she can manage and cope with the demands that homework in secondary will make upon him/her. Spend time with him/her to discuss the tasks set so that you are sure he/she has grasped the instructions set and that you are aware of how best to help.

I’m busy and don’t have time to sit and help my child. What else can I do?

It is not always necessary to spend each and every moment with your son/daughter as he/she completes the tasks set. It is often enough to chat over the tasks set, ensure he/she knows what to do and to show your interest in the tasks and how he/she is going to complete them.

School has changed a lot since I was at school. I don’t always know or understand what my child has to do or how to help them complete it.

There are a number of things you can do. You could read the school newsletter, attend Parents’ Evenings. Spend time together checking the school website for information. Looking up facts together and working through them. Attending Information Evenings together. Let your child teach you what he/she knows and show an interest in what he/she knows and can do.

They cover so many topics at school today that I don’t know about.

Our children and yours love to ask questions. Don’t underestimate their thirst for knowledge. Gather the information together. Don’t be afraid to get things wrong, your child needs to know it is ok to make a mistake. Support his/her efforts to enquire.

We have very little space at home and it is often noisy. What should I do?

Check what facilities we have at school. What after school clubs do we run? What opportunities do we provide during the day? How might you organise time at home? Could all the children complete their homework together? Could the younger ones complete their homework downstairs while the older ones complete their in another room(s) upstairs? Could some complete their work using the computer/internet on a rota basis?

My child does not tell me what homework he/she has each day. I am not always sure what have been set. What can I do?

Teachers set homework using Show My Homework, an online tool that will allow students, parents and carers allow to keep track of work and view grades.

I am concerned as to how and when my child’s homework is marked.

Firstly, talk with your child so that you are aware of the facts and the routines that are part of his/her class. If you are still concerned that there is an issue then contact your child’s Form tutor. You could also contact his/her Head of Year or the Head of Department.

All my child seems to do is finish off work done in class

Homework should take many forms-it may be research based on the topic of discussion from class. It may be a longer piece of written work. It may be to memorise a number of facts or to learn the spellings and definitions of key words. If you are concerned again you must contact your child’s Form tutor and/or the Head of Department.

My child spends more time than necessary on his/her homework

Children work at different speeds. It is always a good idea to monitor to amount of time being spent by your child to check that he/she is not timewasting as much as spending too long. If you are still concerned as to amount of time he/she is spending then you must contact his/her Form tutor, Head of Year, subject teacher or Head of Department to discuss your concerns further.


The intention of setting homework is to support the classwork completed during the school day. It is also a way of encouraging more independent learning amongst our students. It is also a good and necessary skill for future life away from the rigidity of the school day. We believe it is an integral and essential part of your child’s learning process.