Important notices from the headteacher.

Welcome back to St Thomas More!

A copy of the Diocesan Ofsted Inspection is available on our website; it makes very positive reading so please do take the time to look at it.

Extended school day

Extended days run from 3pm until 4pm. For Year 11, Monday to Thursday week 1 and Monday to Wednesday week 2, the clear evenings will be used for school events and for detentions.

Extended days for sixth form will run as required but are likely to be used most often by coursework-based subjects.

Transport for extended days

Students who have stayed for extra sessions in the past have used service busses, which offer them more choice of routes and timings. Bus passes are valid for these services. Representatives from the bus company have offered a “drop –in” session on Wednesday 7th September 11.00 am to 1200 noon to work with students to find suitable routes and timings for them to get home and identify groups who can travel together. A repeat session will be held next week if required.

I have also got a minibus and driver to help with any difficulties or emergencies during the first few weeks.


We have got a really exciting new catering company who are offering a much better range of food at better and more flexible prices.

There is an outside eating sales hub and eating area which will be available to year 11. This is a privilege which students will hold onto as long as their behaviour and hard work meets our high standards.

Sixth form will be able to use our bistro with its new improved menu.