St Thomas More School has a fantastic Online Payment System enabling parents/carers to make quick, easy and safe payments to school online using debit and credit cards.

What benefits does this this system have?

  • Access to the system online from the school website.
  • Quick, easy and secure payments made through World Pay.
  • Automatic top up of dinner money accounts.
  • View dinner money account balances and purchase history.
  • Obtain outstanding trip balances and payment history.
  • Ability to link sibling accounts to make joint payments.
  • Receive emailed receipts every time you make a payment.
  • Reduces risk of students carrying/losing cash.

What can we pay using this system?

  • Dinner money
  • Trips
  • Music lessons
  • Exam re-sits

Please note: There is a minimum basket transaction limit of £5.

How do I use the system?

All new students are provided with an internet payment letter which provides full instructions on how to set up online accounts. This is normally issued in the middle of September when they start at the school.

Please note: There is a nominal charge of 25p per transaction charged by RBS World Pay to make payments online.

How can I access the system through the school web site?

The online payment system can be accessed from any page on the web site using the drop-down menu button in the top-right corner:

It can also be accessed under the 'popular links' menu on the home page:

Click here to access the online payment system now.

Image: “Credit Cards” by: Sean MacEntee is licensed under CC BY 2.0