Dear Parents/carers

I am writing to remind you of the change that has been made as to how the Department for Education (DfE) classifies Persistent Absence. The DfE stipulates that Persistent Absence is now any student that has less than 90% attendance at school. This is because of the clear and direct link between a child’s performance in school and their attendance.

As you will be aware, the Schools’ Pastoral Care Team, our Student Support Officer and our Education Welfare Officer work carefully with you as parents/carers and your child to ensure that attendance at school and in lessons is as high as possible. We fully believe that maximum attendance is one of the key ways of ensuring that your child will reach their potential in both their academic and personal development.

Persistent Absence is less than 90% attendance and would be if your child has:-

  • One day off in a two week period
  • 3.5 days off in a seven week term
  • 20 days in a school year

If your child is not achieving above 90% attendance they are significantly reducing their chances of achieving in any Key Stage.

If you would like support with your child’s attendance please contact your child’s Head of Year or Assistant Head of Year or Mrs Plummer our Student Support Officer.

Student Handbook

  • Following feedback from our recent Behaviour Review and our students, we are moving over to an electronic system ‘Show my Homework’

    Our new school app and email system will be the means to communicate between home and school. Consequently, we are phasing out the paper type Student handbook. Your child will not be expected to bring it to school, they may continue to use it if they wish.