We have been experiencing an increasing number of students who are signing in late to school due to attending medical appointments. We encourage you to make these appointments for your child outside of school hours as missing any time will have an adverse effect on his/her learning. If a school time appointment is unavoidable we ask that you ensure that your child attends school before/after the appointment so that the least amount of time is missed thereby causing minimum disruption to your child’s education.

Evidence should always be provided for any medical appointment your child has to attend during school hours; as a school we are responsible for the safeguarding of all our students and providing us with evidence of an appointment allows us to establish where a student has been when absent from school, or is going when leaving the premises.

We are not allowed to authorise any absence for a medical appointment unless we are provided with an official appointment letter or card which clearly states the appointment date and time. If you do not have one of these please ask your child to collect a “Confirmation of medical appointment” card from the Pastoral Office (G37) which will need to be signed/stamped by your child’s medical practitioner; this will then serve as evidence of your child’s attendance at an appointment.

Should you have any queries about this procedure please contact Mrs Plummer.