We look forward to any opportunity to recognise the achievements of our students whether that be their academic successes, their emotional well being, their care of others, their commitment to the very unique ethos of our school or their compassion for those in our local or global community who look to us for support, encouragement and care.

As of Monday coming, October 19th, our Catering Team are introducing a system of recognition which will reward our students whilst in the canteen for the behaviours listed below. Nominations will be made by the ladies in our Catering Team to Mrs Bullock, our Catering Manager, who will pass on the names of those students deserving praise and recognition for their excellent behaviour to the relevant HOY/AHOY. Students will be praised during their Year Assembly, presented with a certificate and awarded VIVOs to mark their achievement.

Nominations will be made using the following criteria:

  1. Using basic good manners on a consistent basis i.e. saying please and thank you
  2. Queuing nicely whilst waiting to be served
  3. Looking after someone else in the queue e.g. allowing someone else to be served first
  4. Noticing that another student or member of staff needs assistance/help e.g. passing an item nicely to someone else or carrying something for someone else
  5. Helping to tidy up the trays, plates, cutlery etc before leaving the canteen
  6. Speaking kindly and nicely to others whilst at break or dinner
  7. Behaving with respect in a consistent manner towards our Canteen staff
  8. Standing back and letting others pass
  9. Noticing that another student would like the last item of ... e.g. particular piece of fruit, cake or drink, offering them that item instead of having it themselves and then choosing something else
  10. Seeing litter on the floor or an unreturned tray, plate, cutlery and attending to it without being asked.

Should your son or daughter come home with news of such an award please join with us in praising them for their efforts and encouraging them to maintain these excellent standards of behaviour which are so beneficial to both our school and home communities.

Thank you.