Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you for your support during these first few weeks of the new term. We are delighted with the manner in which our students behave both in and around school and on their way to and from school. Equally pleasing is their standard of uniform and the obvious pride that they are taking in their personal appearance again whilst in school and travelling both to and from. 

We realise that these high standards do not happen by accident and that this is as a result of the support and attention to detail given by yourselves.

We would like to take this opportunity to ask for your continued support with the following:

We have had a small but nonetheless significant number of students arrive late to school this week. As you will be aware we expect students to be on school premises for 8.30am so that a prompt arrival and start may be made to the school day when it starts at 8.40am with either Mass/Assembly or Form time. We would ask that you remind your child(ren) of the necessity to leave for school allowing ample time for arriving punctuality and the necessity that they do not stop along the way to call into the shop or dawdle with friends. As per our consequence ladder, a copy of which is included in our student planners, students will be issued with consequences and detentions as necessary and will be placed on the appropriate  punctuality report if required. In the long term this may affect student’s entitlement to participate in the end of year trips.

You will be aware from recent communication with school that we have amended the manner in which we address students’ medical needs in school. Students requiring medication at certain times of the day will still be tended to as will students who fall ill at any point of the day. Students will still be assessed for Health and Safety reasons i.e. a student returns having broken their leg and needs to be assessed for movement around the building. We would ask however that where a student may need a lift or toilet pass for specific medical needs or may need to have certain periods of absence due to medical appointments/treatments etc that we are made aware of this information at your earliest convenience and that the medical information/evidence supporting this is sent into school for the attention of your child’s Form Tutor,  Mrs Brough our Health and Safety Administrator and Mrs Plummer our Student Welfare Support Officer. It is important that we have this information as it will allow us to support your child’s needs appropriately in the short term  but in the long term will assist us in ensuring that percentages of attendance does not hinder your child’s participation in our end of year trips.

Over time parents/carers have expressed their concerns as to how best to ensure that their children are completing homework set and how to be certain as to what this homework is. To address these concerns we introduced before the summer holidays a new and  interactive approach to recording and plotting homework called Show My Homework. Students have been issued with their logins as have parents/carers. Please do not hesitate to contact school should you or your child(ren) experience any issues accessing this programme either via your home computer, internet or app. We would ask that you contact us as a matter of urgency should there be any practical reason as to why your child(ren) cannot complete the homework set and we will do our very best to assist you in supporting your child(ren) and providing the materials required.

Thank you, Mrs S Bowen.