Current legislation regarding the way in which schools and Local Authorities are required to monitor and measure the attendance of their students has changed.

Consequently, as of September 2015, students who hold an attendance percentage of 80% will be considered to be a persistent absentee and it will be deemed necessary for particular monitoring by both school and the Local Authority.

As such both students and parents/carers may be called to attend an attendance panel at their local council offices and may be issued with a fine or a request to attend court. This sees a change from 85% as the current measure to 80%, the new measure, as of September 2015.

In addition, and in keeping with these changes, students whose attendance falls to 90% will be brought to the attention of our Education Welfare Officer, Ms Smith, following which parents/carers will be visited at home or invited to school to discuss the reasons for this decrease in further detail.

Clearly it is in all of our best interests, but in particular those of our children, that they attend school daily, are punctual in their arrival and are fully prepared for the day ahead. 

To this end we would remind parents/carers that holidays taken during term time are not permitted by national legislation and in keeping with Local Government directives we, as a school, are strongly encouraged not to grant leave during term time as, to do otherwise, would serve to seriously disrupt the social, emotional and academic development and progress of our students.

We look to your support in this issue and sincerely hope that any discussion regarding the attendance record of your child(ren) will be seen in the spirit in which it is intended and would in no way be designed to create any offence or upset.