On the 4 July 2016 we went to Skirmish Paintball in Wolverhampton to help us complete a part of Public Services Level 3 coursework. It was the first time that either of us has been paintballing. We found it enjoyable but painful! This experience tested our ability to work as a team and allowed us to develop our leadership skills.

The different games we participated in were 'capture the flag', 'defend the fort', 'attack the fort', 'clash of thrones', 'defend the hut' and 'attack the hut'. In each of these games we had to change the captain in order to let everyone have the chance to become the leader. All of these games were team games, which had two teams (red and blue) who had to compete against each other. In these games we had to come together as a unit and not as smaller groups. This would allow us to complete the tasks efficiently.

We then finished the day with a game of 'zombies' (this is where two individuals were against everyone else) and 'free for all' (every man for himself).

Overall our experience at Skirmish Paintball was amazing because we got to challenge ourselves and see how we would work together in a new environment.

Article written by Sixth Form students Jordan Doughty and Abigail Owen