We offer Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Applied Science at A Level.

Biology, Chemistry and Physics are AQA board.

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Business Studies (A-level)

AS/A level Business Studies

What is it?

Have you ever wondered...

  • Why Wayne Rooney earns more than the Prime Minister?
  • Why Woolworths went bust even though it was profitable?
  • Why news media so much stress on interest rates?
  • How Primark can sell clothes so cheaply?
  • Why are more flowers sold on a Monday?
  • Why is it so complicated to work out the best mobile phone tariff?

Study A level Business Studies to find out.

Business studies is an academic discipline which involves studying how organisations work, their management and the changing external environment in which they operate.

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AS/A level Art

What is it?

A level Art and Design is a two year course. After completion of AS level in Year 12, students can continue their studies and take A2 Art in Year 13. A level Art is a largely practical course which builds upon skills gained at GCSE and develops the students’ ability to draw and paint through use of a variety of media and techniques. Students will study the History of Art and develop their research and investigative skills. During the first year of the course students are required to complete a body of practical work, in which they explore a variety of materials and techniques and a 10 hour terminal examination. In the second year students continue practical work and they also write an accompanying personal study of up to 3000 words. They complete the course with a 15 hour examination. 

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English Language and Literature

AS/A level English Language and Literature

What is it?

An English Language/Literature AS/A level course involves developing your enjoyment and interest in literary and non-literary texts.  The course covers aspects of stylistics, linguistics, narratology and creative writing.

What shall I study?

AS level

Paper 1: Views and Voices

Paper 2: People and Places

A level

Paper 1: Telling Stories

Paper 2: Exploring Conflict

What qualifications do I need?

At least a grade 5 in GCSE English language and English literature.

Who is it for?

AS/A level English Language/Literature is a course for the committed and enthusiastic student who has really enjoyed their GCSE English course.  It will require you to study texts in greater detail and depth and wider reading is an essential element of the syllabus.  There is a great deal of work involved with this course so it does require conscientious study.  

Where might it lead me?

Higher education or employment.

Who can I ask for more details?

Careers staff or the English Department.

Why study English at St Thomas More Catholic School?


  • Favourable group sizes.
  • Experienced and committed staff.
  • Opportunities to visit theatres/workshops/lectures.
  • Your personal opinion is valued and respected.

Computer Science

AS/A level Computer Science

What is it?

This specification encourages pupils to develop a broad range of skills and knowledge of computing as a basis for progression into further learning, including progression from AS to A2, and/or employment in computing-related fields. It promotes the integrated study of computer science. It will enable learners to develop a broad range of skills in the areas of programming, system development, computer architecture, data, communication and applications. 

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