Modern foreign languages (German)

AS/A level Modern Foreign Languages: French

What is it?

AS and A level courses in modern foreign languages build on the basic communication skills you have acquired at GCSE level and provide you with the skills to communicate effectively on a number of personal and topical issues.

You will gain the necessary language skills which are sought after by today’s employers and increase your job prospects whether you plan a career in industry, commerce, teaching or any other field of work.

These courses also provide you with life-skills which you will never lose and will enhance your enjoyment of life.

What shall I study?

AS level Topics

New AQA specification

Aspects of German-speaking society:
  • the changing state of the family
  • the digital world
  • youth culture, fashion and trends, music, television
Artistic culture in the German-speaking world:
  • festivals and traditions
  • art and architecture
  • cultural life in Berlin, past and present

A level Topics

New AQA specification

AS Topics plus

Multiculturalism in German-speaking society:

  • immigration
  • integration
  • racism

Aspects of political life in the German-speaking world:

  • Germany and the EU
  • politics and youth
  • German re-uniformation and its consequences 

Who is it for?

You do not have to be one of the best linguists at GCSE to benefit from this course. Being taught in smaller groups will enable you to develop your confidence and progress quickly.

The course is appropriate for students who have achieved Grade B or above at GCSE.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed at the end of each unit so that students and teachers can monitor progress. These assessments will not count towards your final grade. Your AS and A level grades will be awarded based on the results of the two examinations which will take place in May/June of Year12/13.

AS level

Paper 1
  • listening
  • reading
  • translation into English

1 hour 45 minutes
45% of AS 

Paper 2
  • translation into German
  • essay question about a text or film (chosen from a list of titles recommended by teachers)

1 hour 30 minutes
25% of AS

Paper 3

Speaking Test

Discussion of two themes, each based on a stimulus card:

  • aspects of German-speaking society
  • artistic culture in the German-speaking world
  • 12-14 minutes + 15 minutes preparation

30% of AS

A level

Paper 1
  • listening
  • reading 
  • translation from and into German

2 hours 30 minutes
50% of A level

Paper 2

Two essay questions (based on two texts or one text and one film, chosen from a list of titles recommended by teachers)

2 hours
20% of A level

Paper 3

Speaking Test

A stimulus card based on one of the four sub-themes

Presentation and discussion of individual research project

21-23 minutes (including 5 minutes preparation)

30% of A level

Who can I ask for more information?

For more information please ask

Mrs Bigongiari for French and Miss Hopley for German.

Where can I find more information?

The AQA website.