AS/A level Mathematics

What is it?

Mathematics at Advanced Level is very different from mathematics at GCSE. Students enjoy the clarity of this subject and the fact that they know when they are right! Mathematics is about pattern and structure; it is about logical analysis, deduction and calculation. 

Here are some comments from former students who studied mathematics at A and AS level.

“I won’t lie, it’s hard, very hard and extremely demanding. If you’re ready for a challenge, maths is for you”

“It is a challenging subject but when you solve problems correctly the feeling is wonderful”. 

Entry requirement: Grade B or above with competent algebraic manipulation skills.

What shall I study?

Level 3 AS Mathematics will consist of 2 papers

Paper 1: Pure Mathematics (2hrs)

Paper 2: Statistics and Mechanics (1hr)

Level 3 A Mathematics will consist of 3 papers

Paper 1: Pure Mathematics (2hrs)

Paper 2: Pure Mathematics (2hrs)

Paper 3: Statistics and Mechanics (2hrs)

How shall I study?

A bridging unit will be completed during the summer to prepare for the subject. Study and revision techniques and support will be shared by the department. An important part of learning mathematics is tackling problems and developing strategies to cope with these problems.

Who is it for?

Anyone who:

  • really enjoys this subject!
  • is confident in their mathematical ability!
  • can communicate!
  • is prepared to ask for help when or if necessary!
  • is prepared to work hard from the very beginning!

What skills will I learn?

The skill of logical thought. Maths skills at all levels empower individuals in their working lives, allowing you to take advantage of employment opportunities.

How will I be assessed?

Initially you will complete a bridging unit and be tested early in Year 12 to check your suitability for the subject. You will have homework to complete and hand in each week. Your progress is regularly reviewed in lessons. The external examinations take place in May of Year 12 and June in Year 13.

AS examinations are available in May 2017.

A2 examinations are available in May 2018

Where might it lead me?

Anywhere.... An A level in Mathematics is a highly valued qualification and is useful in almost every field. Remember the whole world is based and run on mathematics of one kind or another. You can use your A level to gain a job or move into higher/further education. As far as higher education is concerned you should note this quote from a letter we received from the London Mathematical Society. “Some people assume that a mathematics degree is a dead end. Many students think that they would be better off studying something which seems more useful such as medicine, engineering or computer science. In reality mathematics graduates are in greater demand than graduates from almost any other degree course”. Remember “high technology is mathematical technology”.

Who can I ask for more details?

Mrs Gittins, Mr Fleet KS5 Co-ordinator or talk with any member of the mathematics staff. 

Where can I find more information?

Speak to anyone in the Maths Department. Support and Help:

  • Maths Centre – a website offering notes, worked examples and videos.
  • Maths Direct – clear and simple notes as well as exercises and tests.
  • – interactive mind maps.
  • – a website offering notes, information and questions.