Aims of the curriculum

At St Thomas More we aim to provide students with an exciting and relevant programme of study which will enable them to progress in to Key Stage 4 with the knowledge and skills required to be a success and reach or exceed their potential.

We have chosen to allow our students to progress and prepare for their future in Computing and Computer Science. We believe this will allow students to make informed decisions at Key Stage 4, their prospects for KS5 or employment.

Curriculum overview

Year 7

Term 1 – Using computers safely and responsibly

Term 2 – KODU programming

Term 3 – Spreadsheet modelling

Term 4 – Computer science

Year 8

Term 1 – Computer crime and cyber security

Term 2 - Scratch programming

Term 3 – Database development

Term 4 – Python Programming

Year 9

Term 1 – Advanced Python

Term 2 - Networks

Term 3 – HTML and Web development

Term 4 – Programming project

Teaching methods and student organisation

At KS3 pupils are given one hour a week to develop their ICT skills through the two week timetable. Pupils are able to access information they need for the lesson via the Moodle VLE.  Work that is given to pupils is differentiated and personalised to meet the needs of each individual.  A range of strategies are implemented to ensure that pupils achieve the best.

Progression after Key Stage 3

We have Computer Science available at KS4 and KS5. Students will have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in these areas.