Aims of the curriculum

  • To develop students knowledge and understanding about the planet we all live on
  • To provide students with the skills to illustrate, research and refine their understanding
  • To ensure that students are given a grounded understanding of key geographical concepts
  • Enable students to be able to reach conclusions and begin to question the world around them
  • To provide continuous engagement in key contemporary issues such as climate change and sustainability

Curriculum overview

Year 7

Term 1
  • Geographical Skills
  • Natural Resources
Term 2
  • Population
  • Resources
Term 3
  • Development
  • Russia

Year 8

Term 1
  • Geographical Skills
  • Middle East
Term 2
  • Changing Climate
  • Volcanoes
Term 3
  • Asia
  • Africa

Teaching methods and student organisation

  • A wide range of skills will be applied in delivering the curriculum. For example, literacy, numeracy and ICT skills including satellite imagery and Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Different pedagogical styles will be applied to allow all students to access as much of the curriculum as possible

Progression after Key Stage 3

  • The application of the KS3 programme of study will provide the base from which students can then choose to continue Geography at Key Stage 4
  • At KS4, students will take the OCR B specification: “Geography for Enquiring Minds”. This course addresses the key ideas that face us in a rapidly changing world whilst retaining the core skills necessary in interpreting those changes
  • The format of the Key Stage 4 course comprises of 5 Human Geography and 5 Physical Geography units and includes two field trips.

Additional classes and extra curricular activities

After-school support and intervention is always available for students. In addition to the field trips, the department runs a Volcanoes trip to Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples.


How can you help your child?

There are a number of resources provided for students within school. However, parents can also access a whole host of web based resources, as well as buy revision guides from numerous retailers.

Geography homework will be set on a weekly basis, so parents will be aware that their students will have homework regularly. Provide them with a suitable working area and give them help where necessary.

Ask your child to show you their work and explain it to you; encourage them to show off their knowledge and understanding.


Useful geography websites

  • National Geographic

    A variety of resources from National Geographic

  • Oxfam

    Information about the issues the organisation is working on

Useful websites for Key Stage 3 geography students