Aims of the curriculum

  • To develop students knowledge and understanding about the planet we all live on
  • To provide students with the skills to illustrate, research and refine their understanding
  • To ensure that students are given a grounded understanding of key geographical concepts
  • Enable students to be able to reach conclusions and begin to question the world around them
  • To provide continuous engagement in key contemporary issues such as climate change and sustainability

Curriculum overview

Year 7

Term 1
  • Fantastic places
  • Rivers gone wild
Term 2
  • National parks
  • Africa
Term 3
  • Asia
  • Tropical places

Year 8

Term 1
  • Exploring Britain
  • Restless Earth
Term 2
  • Development and trade
  • Extreme environments
Term 3
  • Urbanisation
  • Geography of sport

Teaching methods and student organisation

  • A wide range of skills will be applied in delivering the curriculum. For example, literacy, numeracy and ICT skills including satellite imagery and Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Different pedagogical styles will be applied to allow all students to access as much of the curriculum as possible
  • Classes are set based on the Pythagoras, Shakespeare and Darwin criteria
  • One lesson per week

Progression after Key Stage 3

  • The application of the KS3 programme of study will provide the base from which students can then choose to continue Geography at Key Stage 4
  • At KS4, students will take the Edexcel GCSE Geography A specification – ‘Geographical Foundations’. This course addresses the key ideas that face us in a rapidly changing world whilst retaining the core skills necessary in interpreting those changes
  • The format of the Key Stage 4 course comprises of 4 units: geographical skills and challenges, the natural environment, the human environment and a coursework module

Additional classes and extra curricular activities

Geography trips throughout they key stage including Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Cadbury World and Birmingham Bullring.


How can you help your child?

There are a number of resources provided for students within school. However, parents can also access a whole host of web based resources, as well as buy revision guides from numerous retailers.

Geography homework will be set on a biweekly basis, so parents will be aware that their students will have homework regularly. Provide them with a suitable working area and give them help where necessary.

Ask your child to show you their work and explain it to you; encourage them to show off their knowledge and understanding.


Useful geography websites

  • National Geographic

    A variety of resources from National Geographic

  • Oxfam

    Information about the issues the organisation is working on

Useful websites for Key Stage 3 geography students