Art and design

Aims of the curriculum

The Key Stage 3 art curriculum focuses primarily on the development of drawing skills, from observation work to expressive pencil studies. Students then build upon these skills, approaching painting and 3-dimensional works to give students a wide range of skills. Students are expected to keep a sketchbook.

Curriculum overview

Year 7

Term 1 - Observation drawing and tone

Term 2 - Gargoyles (tonal and sculptural work)

Term 3 - Mondrian trees and colour mixing

Year 8

Term 1 - Flesh tones and portraiture

Term 2 - Artist studies: Jasper Johns, Gustav Klimt

Term 3 - Day of the Dead sculptural project, Art Movement study: Orphism

Teaching methods and student organisation

In Year 7 students work on developing skills through individual pieces of work. In year 8, the work becomes more theme based with longer projects. Students receive one hour of Art per week.

Progression after Key Stage 3

Students may opt to continue with their studies in art at GCSE level.

Additional classes and extra curricular activities

The department run after school sessions for an hour on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays every week for students to extend their skills or catch up with work. A Year 7 art club also runs on a Thursday after school. All students are welcome to work in the department before and after school and at break and lunch times.  


How can you help your child?

Parents can help their children by ensuring that they are spending time on sketchbook homework each week and making sure that are up to date with work. Owning some of their own art materials can be beneficial for students, such as paint, brushes, pastels, crayons, etc.

Useful art and design websites

  • AQA A-Level Art and Design

    Information about the A-Level Art and Design syllabus from AQA (for Key Stage 5 students)

  • Artcyclopedia

    An encyclopaedia of popular artists and art movements

  • BBC Art

    Provides links to a variety of art-related content from the BBC

  • S-Cool A-level Art

    Help with revision for A-level Art (for Key Stage 5 students)

  • Tate

    Information about the Tate galleries