Business links / Employers

St Thomas More is committed to building relationships with businesses who are interested in supporting students to develop the skills that employers look for. Below is a list of activities we already engage in with a number of businesses that you may wish to be involved in.

·        Year 10 Work Experience – 25th March to 29th March

·        Year 10 Work Experience –1st July to 5th July

·        Additional Work Experience

·        Guest Speakers

·        Offering workplace visits

·        CV Writing Skills

·        Practice Interviews

·        Curriculum Projects

·        Enterprise Challenges

·        Employability Workshops

·        Careers Lunch

·        Employer Assembly’s

This year teachers of St Thomas More will also be participating in ‘a day in industry’ programme. Any businesses who would like to support this initiative should contact the school’s Career Lead Mr S Burns.

We are happy to be contacted with any offers of help in the above areas in addition to any new ideas of activities you think students may benefit from.

Our thanks go out to all past and present supporters of St Thomas More. If you wish to build a partnership with the school or offer assistance in any activity please contact:-

Mrs N Prior – Careers and Work Experience Coordinator

Higher and Further Education Providers

St Thomas More prides itself on ensuring our young people have informed access to the full range of opportunities available to them post 16. Our external Careers Advisor Mrs J Rasmin offers impartial advice to all Year 11 students during their one to one meeting. Any information you would like sharing with students can be sent to the relevant Head of Year or Mrs Rasmin directly.

In addition to the above we also provide a number of opportunities for access to providers. A number of events, integrated into the school careers programme, will offer providers an opportunity to come into school to speak to pupils and/or their parents. Please speak to the Careers Lead, Mr S Burns to identify the most suitable opportunity for you. The school policy on safeguarding sets out the school’s approach to allowing providers into school as visitors to talk to our students.

For further information see our policy statement on provider access which can be downloaded here.


Curriculum vision

At Saint Thomas More Catholic School, our curriculum vision is to enable pupils to achieve academic excellence with wider social and spiritual awareness and responsibilities in a caring and supportive environment.

The curriculum is underpinned by a broad set of common values and purposes. These are:

  • encouraging in pupils a deeper knowledge and understanding of key ideas and concepts through a variety of learning methods.
  • providing flexibility in curriculum design and subject choice so that students are able to personalise their learning with regard to their ability and interests whilst retaining breadth in their studies.
  • ensuring that the delivery of learning and teaching is of the highest quality.

Key Stage 3

Students in Key Stage 3 follow a curriculum designed to aid transition from Key Stage 2. It is a curriculum that enables, empowers and encourages, providing students with the opportunity to work in an exciting, creative and successful competence led environment.

Key Stage 4

The Key Stage 4 curriculum is designed to increase the knowledge and understanding of students and prepare them for final examinations and assessment. Students will study both vocational and GCSE courses in a wide variety of subjects. The curriculum is tailored to each individual student through the options process.

Key Stage 5

Key Stage 5 students will enter Sixth Form, a vibrant, exciting community which challenges students to realise their academic potential while offering new opportunities for leadership, endeavour and service.

If you require any further information or have any questions relating to a particular subject or aspect of the curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact the school office who will happily direct you to the correct person.


Dates show end of term of office


Mr R Dalton (Chairman) (- 03 September 2022)

Mr S Onions (Vice Chairman) (- 13 September 2021)

Mr C Knowles (- 31 August 2022)

Mrs R Tonks (- 15 December 2021)

Foundation Parent Governor

Mrs K Durkin (- 01 October 2022)

Elected Parent Governors

Mr B Blackmore (- 26 November 2020)

Mrs J Kidson (- 31 August 2019)

Headteacher Governor

Mrs S Bowen (Headteacher)

Staff Governors

Mr D O’Connor (Teacher) (- 20 September 2022)

Co-opted Governors

Mrs J Blue (Support Staff) (- 31 August 2019)

Local Authority Governor

Mr S Sheffield (- 29 September 2022)

Clerk to the Governors

Mrs G Sanghera, Governor Support & Development Services, Walsall Children’s Services (Education)

If you would like to contact a governor please contact Mrs D Dale, Head’s PA on 01902 368798 or Mrs G Sanghera, Clerk to the Governors on 01922 652 859. You can also write to a governor using the usual school address.



Mrs S Bowen

Senior Leadership Team

Mr S Burns (Deputy Headteacher & Designated Child Protection Officer)

Mr D Virgo (Senior Assistant Headteacher)

Mrs S Badyal (Assistant Headteacher)

Mr M Bishell (Assistant Headteacher)

Mrs A Brown (Assistant Headteacher)

Mrs C Weighell (Assistant Headteacher & Head of Pastoral Care)

Headteacher’s PA

Mrs D Dale

Business Manager

Mr S Brierley


Mrs C Campbell

Premises Manager

Ms L Johnson (Interserve Integrated Services)