The make the broad programme of trips and activities accessible to as many students as possible. To establish and maintain a fair and coherent system of charges with the constraints of the school budget.


In practical subjects parents may be asked for the full or partial cost of the material if they have indicated in advance that they wish to own the finished product.

Voluntary contributions may be invited for trips which take place mainly within school hours. No student may be excluded because of the inability to pay but the school is entitled to cancel the trip if the level of contributions does not meet its budgetary requirements.

Trips which take place mainly out of school hours are chargeable.

Board, lodging and travel costs will be charged on residential trips, subject to statutory exceptions.

The cost of examination entries for subjects taught within the school will normally be met by the school. In cases where candidates have failed to meet the school’s entry criteria but still wish to be entered they may be asked to pay entry fees, returnable on the achievement of grades in those chosen subjects.

All parents will be clearly notified of any charges in advance via written communication. All monies should be collected prior to the activity. Requests for help from parents experiencing financial hardship will be considered and assistance provided within the limits of the school’s budget according to a means tested scale. Complete confidence will be observed in all such matters. Any insurance costs will be included in charges for trips or activities.