The Church’s Easter Season neatly coincides with the first half of the summer term this year.

The Easter Season lasts 50 days from Easter Sunday until Pentecost Sunday.

The Great Sunday

The fifty days of Easter begin with the Easter Octave: eight days to extend the celebration of Easter Sunday. The whole fifty day period is regarded as “Great Sunday”. A season of celebration, thanks and recreation in honour of the Lord’s resurrection.

The Acts of the Apostles

The Acts of the Apostles is the fifth book of the New Testament. It tells the story of those living Christianity for the first time. It is the New Testament’s own “fly on the wall” documentary of Church life with adventure, fall outs and new beginnings. During the 50 days of Easter, the Church reads the Acts of the Apostles at daily Mass.

Easter Candle

The Easter Candle or sometimes known as the Paschal Candle is the icon of the Risen Christ: every church has an Easter Candle in a central position during the Season of Easter. It is lit and blessed at the beginning of the Easter Vigil which takes place the night before Easter Sunday. The imagery on the Candle reminds us that the Risen Christ is the “Alpha” and the “Omega” the beginning and the focus of our lives and actions; the numerals of the current year show that Christ is the Lord of all time. The Easter Candle is lit at every Mass during Easter and after that at every baptism and funeral.


Pentecost Sunday is the finale of the Easter Season. It is the fiftieth Day. This important celebration remembers the day when the Apostles of Jesus, gathered in the Upper Room received the Holy Spirit when it appeared as a “powerful wind from heaven” and as “flames of fire”.