The tomb is empty, ‘He is risen as He said He would’.
(Mk. 16)

We are reminded in the season of Easter that light conquers darkness, that faith is stronger than doubt and that the love of God is greater than man’s hate and injustice. Through the prayers, symbols and readings of Good Friday we experience the horror of the passion and death of Jesus, His friends were left in despair because it seemed that injustice defeated justice, evil had triumphed over love.

The resurrection shows to us in a vivid way that death was not the end, that love overcomes all. We can now experience the joy of the resurrection and enter a time of hope, that the pains and struggles that we bear in life will be transformed into something valuable and good.


We can be signs of Easter to each other:
the most real sign of Easter is
love and friendship between people.
Our world needs signs of hope,
when we fear the effects of war, famine and terrorism,
when we know of so much unhappiness in our communities,
when we see how the greed of a few make life unbearable for so many.
We are people, whose joy is the Easter joy of Christ,
who appreciate that deep-down a joy that nothing can take away.
Let Easter be for us a new beginning,
a time of listening without prejudice to our brother and sisters,
a time of rejoicing that Jesus Christ is a friend in our lives, now, in this school, in our
families, in our communities.