‘Love changes everything: how you live and how you die’
(Aspects of Love)

Next week is ‘Holy Week’ – the week in which we remember the suffering and death of Jesus and on Easter Sunday His Resurrection. He died because of sin. Oscar Romero once said, ‘sin brought death to the Son of God and continues to bring death to the children of God’. There is much suffering in the world today even perhaps in our own lives.

Jesus suffered at many levels; He dared to love and so was open to being hurt, His friends let him down, He was even betrayed by one of them (Judas), He had no-one to share His agony with, He was arrested and tried for something He had not done, He was falsely accused and lied about, He endured insults, blows, the whip, the crown of thorns and finally was condemned to death as a common criminal.

Yet out of the bleakness and horror of Good Friday came the joy of Easter when Jesus rose and was seen and spoke with His friends.

Lord, each spring you renew the face of the Earth.
We pray that you may also renew each one of us
so that we may celebrate Easter with a new mind and heart.
Father, help us through prayer, to recognise the cross in lives of others,
to be able to share your healing peace and love with them.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.